02-08-2020: .

Cinnamon’s band. We haven’t seen them since the end of October. The fourth time since the gather. Considering how often we observed her before the gather, three months isn’t unusual.

First thing we noticed was TIM P, Rose Ridge and Miracle are back with the band. We last saw TIM P, RR and Miracle together with Golden Blazer’s band in November. Then in January, RR and Miracle were with Promise’s band, no TIM P. Based on the history between Cinnamon, Rose Ridge and TIM P, they will probably stay together, if possible…. Rose Ridge continues to exhibit behaviors of stress. Today, this is the sixth change observed since the gather of who she’s lived with. She has kept Miracle with her each change. Miracle appears healthy for a six month old filly….. TIM P continues to maintain his “satellite stallion” role.

The filly Pepper (Wild Star and Nutmeg, 2018) is still with the band. Her comfort level appeared as if she was born into it. The year old colt, Colony, exhibited playful behaviors with her.

Cinnamon’s two year old bay colt, Crescent, was not with the band. Observations are that most colts leave, or are ran off, their birth bands at two years old.

Tommy and Cinnamon appear in normal, winter condition. ***Because of the much lower population since the gather, I anticipate observing a change in “normal conditions” for the land and horses. Now we just need some rain to help it along 🙂

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