02-06-2022: .

Bachelor Series 2B of 4:

It’s been six weeks since TAC lost Elsa.
Five weeks since Elsa was observed with Diego.
Four weeks since he was observed, in the distance, by himself.
One week since Gemini was observed with the Bachelor band.

At 10:50 this morning we observed TAC and Gemini foraging together. Diego is about an acre away.

Sometime, during the last week of January, Diego lost Elsa and Aurora to his former bachelor buddy, Nicholas.

*During the past twelve months, Diego has had three mares/bands. Pearl and Epona. Mama and Goldie. Elsa and Aurora. He lost Pearl while trying to secure Mama. He lost Mama while trying to secure Elsa.
*Though there isn’t much in the way of competition due to the low number of horses, Diego was 3.5 calendar years old when he initially secured Pearl. Prior observations reflect five has been the average age a stallion secures a band. He has yet to secure a mare, without losing who he had.

Diego is in good winter-drought condition and shows no signs of injury, for having recently lost Elsa and Aurora.

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