02-06-2022: .

Bachelor Series 3 of 4:

At 11:25 today we observed the remaining four bachelors: Fairbanks, Tango, Rebel and North Star. All remain if good winter condition, for the third year of a drought.

*Nine bachelors, in three groups, were observed this morning. They are the only known bachelors as of this date. This number will be changing, soon. Current bachelors will secure females. The 2020 colts will be “kicked” out. Colts continuously cycle through bachelors bands. Prior observations reflect stallion bachelors eventually drop out of a band to go off on their own. Most will mentor a new, young bachelor.

*Though they aren’t brothers, “uncle and nephew,” there is a good possibility Tango will follow Fairbanks once he secures a female. The two have lived together since Tango’s birth. Like the brothers Magnet and Ridgecrest, Fairbanks and Tango have also had a very close relationship, unlike the brothers North Star and Gemini.

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