02-06-2022: .

On 01-31-2022 I posted Elsa and Aurora were observed with Luna and Nicholas. (*Prior to the summer 2019 gather, Elsa had lived with Luna and Diamond since April 2016.) This morning, high on a hill, only Aurora was observed with Luna. A couple of hours later, four horses were observed running in the distance. Eventually, we were able to identify Elsa running from Cody, with Moonstone and Xander following, at a slower pace.
***Prior Observations: This is the normal way a stallion “steals” a female. He runs her. (*It is during this situation foals get left behind, as they can’t keep up.) However, his current band doesn’t always follow. That’s when the stallion either gives up the chase or loses them to another stud.
On this date, Moonstone and Xander went off in a different direction. As far from them as we were, we could hear her communicating with Cody, who’d continued to follow Elsa. Eventually, he drove Elsa to where Moonstone and Xander were walking. With Elsa leading, we observed them until they went over a hill.

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