01-26-2020: .

We last saw Promise’s band on December 21, 2019 and discovered Mama Buckskin and her July, 2019 filly, E, were not with them. Later that day we found Mama B’s carcass and no E. A couple of weeks later, we found E doing well living in Pluma’s band.

November 13, 2019 was the last time we saw Rose Ridge, her August, 2019 filly Miracle and TIM P.

Today when we caught our first sight of Promise’s band, we noticed the colors were off. Instead to two red horses, there were four. Rose Ridge and Miracle are with the bad.

Four year old Rose Ridge, who was still living in her birth band, has experienced numerous changes over the past six months since the gather. Not only has she successfully foaled, she’s been able to keep Miracle with her while she’s been “stolen” by at least four stallions, including Promise.

Through all of this, TIM P has been Rose Ridges’ constant companion. He was the satellite “stallion” in her birth band when she was born. She’s lived her entire life with him. It is odd he isn’t with her today. None of the stallions have ever prevented him from being her companion.

Though she’s ribby through her winter coat, Miracle is a healthy, fuzzy, five month old filly. The rest of the band appeared in normal, winter condition.

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