01-26-19: . Red Rock HMA

Jimson lost her stud the end of October 2018. She and several others were observed with another stud the end of November. Today, the stallion Actor has her. She and “all the others” are with Hiway’s band. Though all these horses know each other, the two bands are together, yet remain separated. Actor spent most of his time staying around the new horses.

Jimson and her 20218 colt… Spring and Sweetie Belle come over the hillside… S&S continue to walk away as Actor, on the far left, stays with the new horses… Hiway’s band… Actor with Jimson’s band… Both bands… Actor walking past the new horses…. Three colts. One pawing the ground to lay down as the palomino filly photobombs the capture, x7… Spring… Sweetie Belle… Hiway… Hiway’s 2018 colt… Hiway’s 2017 colt… Hiway’s band… The palomino filly.

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