01-26-18: .

As our walk along the reclaimed road progressed, we saw:
Another broken bottle with a beautiful lip, x2
A stove pipe.
Another large, Graniteware saucepan.
A Graniteware strainer.
A 12×12 baking pan.
A bed.
A “The Duffy Malt Whiskey Company Rochester. N.Y. USA.” bottle with the cork still in the top. Circa 1884.×2.
“The Quality Beer” bottle top fastener, x3.
Two Graniteware wash basins, x4.
A cool can with the key still attached to the bottom and a push on lid, x2.
A tub with iron handles.
A spice can, x2.
We came to a large washout and were not able to pick up the reclaimed road again.

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