01-26-18: .

Three minutes from the house is a wooden, single pole transmission line. We decided to drive it’s trail. About 50 feet up the trail, we realized we were paralleling a reclaimed road.
We left our vehicle on the transmission line trail and walked a mile and a half of the old road.
During our walk, we came across “artifacts” left by the century ago miners and a couple of animals remains.
A tortoise shell and a low wash with tortoise holes, x6.
A Cooper hawk on the transmission line.
A Graniteware sauce pan, x3. (You can see the reclaimed road in the first photograph.
A broken M.B.&G. CO bottle (Massillon Bottle & Glass Co. Massillon, Ohio 1900-19040).
A unique, two handled container, wrapped in wire with a pour spout, x7.
Part of a skull, x4. (Not coyote or dog).

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