01-22-2020: .

Needless to say, the summer 2019 gather brought restructuring to the HMA. Dropping from 300 to 50 horses allows for numerous changes, for the herd, HMA itself and to each individual. This post is about the changes the gather produced for TAC.

TAC was foaled in 2002 by Mama. He left his birth band in 2004 as most colts do and hung out with a few other bachelors. He avoided the 2006 gather completely. After that, there weren’t other bachelors to form a band with. A few colts had to grow up first, so TAC would be seen by himself. It took a year or so, but a couple of colts struck out on their own. TAC stayed with them for a short time, but left within a few months. He was six years old.

From 2008 through 2015, TAC lived by himself. He tried a few times to obtain and filly or mare, but another stud would steal them. However, In 2015, he secured two mares and a filly. He lived with them for a year before three young studs came in and took each female.
After that, TAC pretty much stayed on the mountain by himself.

For whatever reason, he came down right before the 2019 gather, resulting in a significant change in his life. He became a mentor to young colts.
Nicholas and Diego were both born in 2018 and still lived in their birth bands when the gather took place. Each colt was initially on it’s own and eventually took up with TAC.
Yes, the colts have aged in the six months since the gather, but observations lead me to believe TAC has provided protection and wisdom to the colts. They in turn exhibit a confidence they didn’t show before.
TAC appears comfortable with his mentor role.

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