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There are several small claims just north of the Boss mine, which was located in 1886. This shaft had debris on the floor so we did not enter.
Exploring the area we discovered several items in the mining camp dump.
Enameled steel deep dish wash pan. These sold in the 1902 Sears, Roebuck & Co. Catalogue No. 111 on page 584 for 5 to 6 cents.
Factory No.1578-25-1st Dist. Penn. This is how cigar tins were marked in the late 1800s. The factory number-quantity-tax district of the state made in. By 1885, Pennsylvania was the United States top cigar producer. Factories were usually built in the area the tobacco crop was grown.
Folger’s teas. In 1860, John Athearn (J.A.) Folger bought out Pioneer Spice and Tea company.
Steel Cut oats. A.K.A. Irish oats.
Mining camp dumps are filled with evaporated milk cans. This style, hole-and-cap, are the earliest tin cans made in the United States. The round section of the can was made. The lid, with a hole in the center was placed on the can then filled. Originally lead solder was used to seal the cans.
The dumps also have numerous sardine type cans.
Factory No. 3-25-21st Dist. N.Y. Factory number 3 was George A. Kent & Co. in Binghamton, N.Y., a non-union town. The factory had 400 rollers.
Oil can.
Blasting powder can at the base of the tailings.

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