01-10-2022: .

*Observed a few changes in the HMA Monday. Over the following week, I’ll be sharing them and other observations, as the day played out. Post #9.
***Please remember, the wild ones are extremely adaptable. More importantly, these changes make for a healthy, viable herd.
Six hours later, we were within a mile of where we’d seen Goldie this morning. That’s when we caught a glimpse of Golden Blazer’s, all palomino band. They disappeared behind a few hills. We back tracked and hoped we had picked the right place to start our hike.
We did, but there was something different. Instead of the five palominos (GB, Mesquite, Lily, Warrior Grace and Lily) in GB’s band, there were seven palominos. GB was trying to “corral” Mama and Goldie.

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