01-10-2022: .

*Observed a few changes in the HMA Monday, 01-10-2022. Over the following week, I’ll be sharing them and other observations, as the day played out.
***Please remember, the wild ones are extremely adaptable. More importantly, these changes make for a healthy, viable herd. Post #11.
Shortly after leaving Mama, Goldie and Golden Blazer’s band, our view provided us to observe the lower area of the valley. A mile away we noted three horses running sporadically. This was a RED FLAG.
We sat and watched for about 10 minutes. Eventually, the three horses came within a 1/4 mile of where we were. Elsa and Aurora, her 2020 filly, were being “driven” by Diego.
By the time they were within a clear lens range, they slowed down and began to forage.

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