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**Observed a few changes in the HMA Monday. Over the following week, I’ll be sharing them and other observations, as the day played out. Post #4.
“Three-year-old” E and Miracle are both in very good winter condition.
***I’d like to take a minute to explain the BLM’s aging system. Because of the hours I spend on the range, I know E was foaled July 2019 and Miracle August 2019.
During the BLM’s processing after a gather, they age the wild ones by their teeth. They would know E and Miracle were born in 2019. A birth date of 01-01-2019 would be given to them. The RR gather took place the end of July, first of August 2019. Had E or Miracle been gathered, they would have been given a 04-01-2019 birthdate since they were young foals.
This is the reason I stated Goldie is two and E and Miracle are three. Calendar wise, the two fillies are just under 2.5 years.
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