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On the valley floor below this abandoned mine lay a 100 year old oil can. “Cycol Motor Oil – Associated Oil Company”.

CYCOL MOTOR OIL – ASSOCIATED OIL COMPANY was incorporated in October 1901.
They began to produce crude oil in January 1902.
Associated Oil is the result of five of the largest oil companies in the Kern River oil field forming a new company.
Standard Oil Company and the Southern Pacific Railroad also bought into Associated Oil. Eventually producing gasoline and kerosene.
In 1913 Associated Oil built a company town, Avon Village.
It’s my understanding the bowling alley is a refinery museum today.
In addition to Cycol Motor Oil, the company eventually began a line of gas stations known as Associated Flying A – shortened to Flying A.
In 1938, Associated Oil merged with the Tide Water Oil Company and became Tidewater Associated Oil Company.
Isn’t it fun what you can learn from a 100 year old oil can. 🙂
In the same area was a Zerolene antifreeze can. A Standard Oil of CA product with a trademark filed January 1913.
Another oil can near by and almost always found at mine sites in this area. About a five gallon can (without bullet holes) Standard Oil also produced oil in this style of can.

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