Sandy Valley is in the Yellow Pine Mining District. Mining began in the late 1800s. The district reached it’s notability as the primary source of zinc ores in Nevada by 1907. The peak of the mining boom was during World War I (1914 to 1918) with a population of 800. The local weekly newspaper, the Goodsprings Gazette 1916 to 1921, claimed “The Only Platinum Lode District In The World”.
A short section of the Armijo route of the Old Spanish Trail (1829 to 1860) runs through the north end of Sandy Valley. Antonio Armijo was through here in 1829 and 1830.
The Native people the Southern Paiute and Western Shoshone tribes have inhibited this area for centuries. Their cultural resources are a treasure.


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The removal of mineral resources from the ground – from a mine. A tunnel into the earth or an open pit.


Horizontal entrance into a mine.


Vertical entrance into a mine.

Tailings-Mine Dumps

Rock and minerals dumped out of a mine.


Picking or carving on rock. Usually by prehistoric people.